We help you publish high-quality journals at international standards.

With more than 10 years of experience in academic publishing, we work with many journals and publishers to improve their publication quality and assist them to manage their publication processes more effectively and at international standards.

Akdema Hakkımızda Görseli
our mission

Adding value to academic publications through our sustainable and extensible services

Akdema offers sustainable products and services to the academic publishing ecosystem with contemporary approaches adapting to the ever-developing academic publishing processes.

the code of conducts

The key principles of our Code of Conduct

We work in line with the following principles to strengthen academic publications and ensure their permanence to shape their future.

Kaliteli ürün ve hizmet

High-quality product and services

Saygılı ve güvenilir

Respect and trustworthiness

Sorumlu ve dürüst

Responsibility and honesty

Hesap verebilir


Takım çalışması ve iş birliği

Teamwork and collaboration

Yenilikçi ve değişime açık

Innovative and openness to change