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Layout and Typesetting

What are layout and typesetting?

The processes performed to ensure the formal coherence, readability, and compliance with the standards of digital or printed information resources (such as journals, books, newspapers, reports) is called layout. Typesetting is the process of setting content onto the layout.

What makes a good layout and typesetting?

  • Compliant with the international publishing standards
  • Easy to read (font, color, table, visual quality)
  • Machine-readable and  indexable by databases
  • Suitable for corporate identity, user behavior, and experience
  • A modern and simple design focusing on the presentation of information
  • Convenient for printed and digital publishing
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How we do it

There are many professional softwares used in publishing for designing layout and typesetting (such as Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, QuarkXPress). As Akdema, we use Adobe InDesign, the most preferred professional desktop publishing software in the world. We ensure that your publication is transformed into a product suitable for both print and digital publishing.

How we do it
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