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Check out our services regarding DOI, which is an international standard and a unique identifier used in digital objects and articles.

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What is DOI?

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a system used to identify objects in the digital environment. This system ensures the validity, permanency, and interoperability of entities in the digital environment with a persistent identifier. DOI, which has been used since 1998 and standardized through ISO 26324 as of 2012, is a widely preferred identifier all over the world.

What does DOI offer to your journal?

  • Fast and secure access
  • Persistency
  • Validity
  • Visibility and compatibility with search engines
  • Interoperability among other data sources
  • Measurability
  • Protection of copyright and intellectual property rights
DOI nedir?

How we do it

Akdema is a member of Crossref, one of the DOI service providers. Akdema sets up your membership for DOI use, provides DOI identifiers for your content, and submits their metadata to the Crossref system. Through this process, Akdema ensures to assign persistent DOI to your content (articles, books, research reports, etc.).

How we do it
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How can we help you?

Contact us for your journal's procedures regarding DOI, which became an international standard.

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